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Small grant 2017

Royal Society of Tropical Medicina and Hygiene
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£5,000 Maximum Value
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To  enable  clinicians  and  scientists  in  the  field  of  tropical  medicine  or  global  health  to  pursue themes  of  clinical  or  scientific  research  or  fieldwork;  these  could  be stand-alone  projects  or discrete elements within a larger project

RSTMH focus areas in 2016-17


All  aspects  of  tropical  medicine  and  global  health,  including  the  relationship  between  human health and animal health
Investigator profile:

  • Are research-active but early-career; we define 'early career' as a maximum of 15 years active relevant training or employment, discounting career breaks
  • With clear research plans
  • With few alternative sources of funding
  • With an adequate level of supervisiEon

It is open to applicants from any country as long as they hold a registered bank account