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EIT Health: Personal Health Challenge

CDTM in cooperation with EIT Health
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CDTM in cooperation with EIT Health, one of the largest healthcare communities worldwide, has created this Online Ideation Challenge aiming to bring like-minded students, professionals and citizens from Europe and all around the globe together. The participants profit from an intercultural and interdisciplinary setting in order to drive health innovation and challenge their ideas to bring them to the next level.

-> Start: 22th of November
-> End: 17th of December
-> Register here: registration-form
Registration open until 14th of December

Contact Email:


Personal health can be best understood as health-related quality of life.
In this EIT Health Personal Health Challenge, we all work together to find methods for changing behaviors related to diet and nutrition and physical activity and demonstrate to the world how it is possible to improve the personal health of individuals across various demographics and around the globe. Furthermore, this helps to reduce the risk factors, it ensures better methodologies to test and diagnose, it helps people managing chronic diseases, it offers alternative medicines, etc.

Just one in 20 people worldwide have no health problems in 2017, with a third of the world's population experiencing more than five ailments, more and more of them are becoming chronic. The major risk factors for chronic diseases are known, simple, and straightforward. They are high blood pressure, tobacco use, high cholesterol, and overweight/obesity. However, eliminating them- even reducing them-can be incredibly complex. Why? Because eliminating these risk factors means changing human behavior, and sustaining that behavior change more or less for life. Global trends like the demographic transition result in a high number of elderly patients with diabetes and comorbid conditions who are dependent on time and cost-intensive care. On the other hand side, we see societal trends like the democratization of knowledge offer open access of information to offer preventive care possible via health literacy and healthy lifestyle. As an economic trend, we see growing health markets ready to adopt technology trends (e.g. telehealth and smart devices). Furthermore, from a legal and political perspective, internationalized health standards make international collaboration possible.

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