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Funding Opportunities for Fragile X Research (FRAXA) 2017-18

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$45,000 per year for 2 years
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FRAXA has funded more than $26 million in medical research aimed at finding specific treatments and ultimately a cure for fragile X syndrome. FRAXA awards two categories of grants, and guidelines for these grants have changed significantly from previous years. The purpose of the changes is to place a greater emphasis on clinical trials, while still continuing to fund worthwhile translational research and other early-stage work.

These grants are strictly for clinical research with fragile X subjects. Strong emphasis will be placed on clinical trials of potentially disease-modifying agents which have been previously validated in fragile X animal models. Other types of clinical research may be considered, such as biomarker studies in fragile X patients, or trials of symptomatic therapies; however, these will be accorded lower priority in funding decisions. Budgets and grant structure are flexible but may be subject to some negotiation.

Letters of Intent are required for submission of Clinical Trial Grant applications. We are flexible about deadlines for submission, given the complexities of organizing clinical research.

FRAXA Fellowships

FRAXA Fellowships provide $45,000 per year for 2 years. Any scientist is eligible for salary support from these awards (not just postdocs), and a supply budget may be included. Given the flexible nature of the new fellowships, a detailed budget is required. Only one position will be supported per project, and the individual should be working at least ½ time on the project. In other words, we cannot consider requests for partial salary support for PI in addition to support for junior staff; however, we are willing to consider requests for PI salary support as the primary focus of the proposal.

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